Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Jaba (Lil), Mon 23.2.09, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Yael S. (reporting)

This is a  “Corrective Shift”.

 Jaba (Lil) Checkpoint:  we traveled equipped with a camerainfo-icon to investigate Road No 367.  I am returning  to the Wednesday’s report to correct it :  road No 367 is a road on which Palestinian cars are allowed to travel up to  the checkpoint.   The problem of the fines apparently stems from the lack of registration and disrepair of the cars.   Apparently the case of the tractor which was mentioned in last week’s report was similar.  In connection with the goods (traveling) from Tsorif to Jaba , Tsorif is considered to be a hostile village, so it is encircled by checkpoints, and the sole exit from it is from the direction of Beit Ummar. Therefore there is a magnificent checkpoint there and another one at the cross-roads in the direction of Jaba, and additional checkpoints at all possible exits to Road No 367. So we don’t have any story, and there are no exceptions to the known rules of the occupation on the subject of access to villages which are barred by embankments. Etzion DCL:  a third inspection station is open, and there is no queue for magnetic cards when we arrive at 14.00.   Once again we encounter a worker who has a problem with his permit, and we photograph a woman of 75 who came to get a medical approval for one day. That’s all for today.  .