'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 9.3.09, Morning

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Lea R., Ana N.S. (reporting)

06:10 -Aaneen checkpoint Less and less people go through this checkpoint. Today there are between 20-30 people waiting. There is no renewal of passage permits. Soldiers on site hold lists of names and they compare their lists with with documents presented to them by Palestinians at the gate. If a name does not appear on the list - The DCO person on site ecks the case over the phone. 06:35 - checks-Tura checkpoint There is no school today due to the prophet Muhammad's birthday. Very few people do cross over, only farmers. Due to the Jewish Holiday of Purim, there is no passage into Israel 
 07:00 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint Purim Holiday - there is a closureinfo-icon. Passage into Israel was brought to an halt but the industrial zone Sha"chak workers are alowed to pass and so are the seamstresses that cross over to East Barta'a as usual. On the opposite direction we observed a few families with their children on their way into the West Bank for holiday visits. A relatively small number of pickup trucks loaded with merchandise, total os five, and a similar number of private cars on their way to the Seam Line zone. Vehicles driving to the West Bank stop down the road, the driver presents passengers' papers at the window  following inserting the magnetic card on the wall of the booth. Passengers wait to the end of the inspection that takes about 10 minutes prior to entering the West Bank. There is no pressure at the terminal, people go in and get out within a few minutes.