Reihan, Shaked, Sun 15.3.09, Morning

Ruthi T., Hannah H. (Reporting)


Translation: Bracha B.A.

Reihan Checkpoint: 6:00

About 20 men and women in the upper parking lot are waiting for their rides to work, and report that they got through the checkpoint quickly.  Once again they inform us that there are a lot of problems with the biometric equipment - mainly among the women - who are sent to the Liaison and Coordination Administration again and again.  One of the people from [the village of] Yaabed tells us about his wife whose father, a resident of Dir El Malak, is sick.  When she wants to visit him she has to submit a request to the Palestinian Authority in Jenin where the paper work takes almost 20 days.  The Liaison and Coordination Administration then issues her a permit to visit for only one day.  We went down the sleeveinfo-icon to the terminal, where only one window was operating but passage is efficient and orderly.  4 passenger cars going towards the seamline zone are being checked in the shed – the examination takes about 20 minutes.  2 taxis with passengers going to Jenin are being checked in the vehicle checkpoint.  Each check takes about 5-7 minutes.6:45 – 10 tenders with goods are waiting in the lower parking lot.  A tender carrying only eggs passes through the vehicle checkpoint.  People who arrive at the checkpoint go into the terminal immediately.

Shaked Checkpoint – 07:00
The checkpoint is open and people are being held up next to the gate.  They begin to go through only at 7:05.  Little children being led by their parents go past the soldiers and immediately exit in the direction of the school without being checked.  Small children who arrive at the checkpoint without an adult accompanying them walk to the inspection booth and pass through it.  The soldiers answer our question by informing us that young children don’t need to go through the inspection booth, but for some reason no one has told this to the children.  Older pupils and university students must go through the inspection booth.  We are told that on Thursday there was an argument about this between the children’s parents and the soldiers when the soldiers insisted on making all the children pass through the inspection booth. 
Cars pass through in both directions and are let into the checkpoint alternatively.  They are given a short 1-2-minutes check.