'Awarta, Huwwara, Sun 22.2.09, Morning

Yael B. and Ditza Y. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

 Translation: Ruth F.


7:40 Za'tara-
One vehicle at the western checkpoint, a bus was being inspected at the northern post while ten other vehicles were waiting at the checkpoint. On our way to Huwwara we noticed that there was much traffic at the direction of the checkpoint.

7:45 Beita:
Command post jeep was parked across from the village, observing those coming out of it. No vehicle was pulled over.

7:50 A BP jeep arrived and first jeep left. During the whole half an hour we were there no car was pulled over.

8:30 Huwwara

Twenty people or so were at the turnstiles. People heading into Nablus.

The rain was pouring. We weren't allowed to stand anywhere under the shelter, we therefore spent most of our shift in the car, a privilege reserved only for us, and not for the Palestinians who walked in the rain, most of them didn't have anything to keep them dry.

About 15 cars were at the exit from Nablus. Some went through a short inspection and were then sent off. Others were more thoroughly inspected, the baggage, the hood and all the doors were opened. The driver was told to step outside, regardless of the heavy rain and the fact that he wasn't dressed appropriately.

We headed back to the turnstiles. Water had accumulated right at the inspection posts of the new ingénues structure, and no one could stand there. The cleaner trying getting rid of the water with a squeegee, but the instrument was to short, doesn't the IDF know that one can find squeegees longer then 20 centimeters, these days. The cleaner had to push the water quickly, because for some reason they tend to return to the lower spot.

9:50 - About 15 people were waiting at the turnstiles.

9:55 Awarta:
About 15 vehicles were at the checkpoint. The inspections were rather quick.

10:00 we left