Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Mon 16.3.09, Morning

Maya B., Chana S. (reporting)


7.00  Sheikh Saed. 

Just a few adults and schoolchildren passed through and the usual little schoolgirls were waiting for their transport.

Abu Dis

Was deserted.


7.22    Zeitim Terminal

There were only a few men exiting.  One man told us, though, that the soldiers inside had unnecessarily delayed them, fussing about where exactly they should put their effects for checking, making him remove his jacket, etc.  According to him, Saturdays are particularly bad in terms of such harassment because then the soldiers are not adequately supervised.

Three young women students were checked on the way in to the terminal [checking in both directions?].  Apparently one did not have the correct i.d. and, as she did not understand Hebrew, an Arabic–speaking soldier was called to ask her all sorts of family details so as to assure that she was who she claimed to be.   All three women giggled throughout, either out of amusement or embarrassment.


Wadi Nar

The traffic moved smoothly but slowly because of the impediments on the road at the checkpoint.  Checking of vehicles was sporadic and superficial.  One bus coming from Hebron was stopped at the side and soldiers collected i.d.’s from inside the bus.  These were returned some ten minutes later.

We were standing quite near the checkpoint itself.  A soldier came to ask who we were (he seemed not to know Machsomwatch) but then just said ‘Boker tov’ and left us.