'Azzun 'Atma, Sun 15.3.09, Morning

Yael B., Diza Y. (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

7:20 Azun Atma
Traffic is heavy.  Palestinian workers are waiting for Israelis, usually settlers, to come and drive them to work in the settlements, and on the other hand, Israeli drivers are waiting for their Palestinian workers.  What an absurd situation, in which Palestinians and settlers are dependent upon each other!

A border patrol car and Israeli police car are here and another border patrol car arrives while we are at the checkpoint.

An Israeli who is evidently waiting for his workers tells us that that the checkpoint was extremely crowded and the Palestinians tried to break through the fence.  About 25 Palestinians are crowded on the eastern side of the fence, 3 soldiers are checking them on the Israeli side and 3 others are covering the inspectors.

Palestinians whom we talked to claim that it took them two hours to pass through the two checkpoints.  Soldiers whom we tried to talk to clarify what is going on ignored us.

7:40 - A civilian police vehicle leaves.  The checkpoint empties out.  About 7-8 people are waiting to be checked.  We left.