Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Wed 4.3.09, Morning

Anat T., Ruthie R., Shira V. (reporting)
7:10 Sheikh Saed
A line of several dozen at the entrance to the checkpoint.  Passage is slow because manually handled.  Checking speeded up and gained efficiency after our arrival, and within a short time the line was moving freely.  The commander was N., the same N. of whom we complained a couple of weeks ago, and who was subsequently reprimanded. Unlike the previous time, he allowed us to cross through the checkpoint into the neighbourhood without any problems; and his conduct at the checkpoint appeared to be more restrained.

8:00 Zeitim Crossing

Two corridors are active and crossing flows.

8:30 Wadi Nar

The checkpoint is fairly empty, checks are random and traffic flows.  We approached (as far the "yield" traffic sign photographed last week).  One of the soldiers asked us to move away, but another immediately told him it was OK, and that we had permission to stand there. We must persist and insist in the future on our right to occupy this position.

9:20  The protest tent in Sheikh Jerrach

Um-Kamal, surrounded by a number of visitors, locals and outsiders,  received us warmly.  If you have the time, a visit is highly recommended.  She told us that only a few Israelis come.