Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 22.2.09, Morning

Anat S., Tamar B. (reports)

Road 35:
We leave Tarqumieyh, heading for Hebron.
It keeps raining all the time.
At least there are no unnecessary delays at CPs now…
The Olive Passage: open, traffic flows.
Shauyukh Junction: open. 

The House of Dispute: is still deserted.
Along the entire route to the Patriarchs' Tomb Cave, there are no soldiers or military vehicles to be seen.
Pharmacy CP: children walk through with no delays. A young Palestinian wearing a quasi-military coat is detained for a check-up. Is it because of the coat?
Tarpat CP: same picture. Children walk through uninterrupted.  

At the Hebron exit, the Halhul CP, there are no check-points nor any trace of soldiers.

The rain, it seems, is good for everyone.

We returned home, following a relatively peaceful and brief shift.