Hamra, Tayasir, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 12.2.09, Afternoon

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Chana A, Rina Z. (reporting)

Guest: Amy (USA)

translated by L.W


1. Apparently a new settlement between Asawiye and Beruchin.
2. Strange cooperation between soldiers at Zaatra Junction and the police. The soldiers are acting as an assisting force to the police who are almost permanently on the spot. It always works to the detriment of the Palestinian drivers.
3. Apart from standing at checkpoints and reporting, we brought parcels of clothing and shoes and distributed to Bedouin that we met on both sides of the road.. We got a lot of thanks from people living in abject poverty. Toys would also be welcome. They all sent greetings to Daphna, who they see as the address for all their troubles.
4. We were lucky that all the soldiers we met were friendly and honest, and everything within the draconian orders that they obey.
On top of one of the hills to the west of Asawiye we notice a new settlement. Chana also confirms that the houses were not here in the past.
When we stop at the entrance to Zita to show our guest how they block the road into a village, a driver comes to us and says that on Saturday at Zaatra Junction, a soldier took his licenses and handed them to a police car that was standing there. Apart from defending security, has the army received a new role, to take care of payment of traffic fines??
The policeman told him that his license is cancelled, and took all his documents, including his ID, and ordered him to report to Ariel police station. It appears that in the past he had a lot of fines and he paid all of them. The station commander was not prepared to listen, informed him that he would get his licenses only in three months. Now he has no way to make a living. In addition, his wife is diabetic, and he can’t take her for treatments. We directed him to Yesh Din for help.
The entrance to Osrin is open, to Akraba – closed.

12:10-12:30 Hamra Checkpoint

At this hour the checkpoint is almost empty. Transit is fast.

13:10 Tayasir Checkpoint

Here too the traffic is thin. Checking of vehicles arriving from Nablus: the vehicle stops at some distance, the passengers alight and pass through on foot, the driver lifts his shirt, shows abdomen, pirouettes, and only then is permitted to approach for a check. There are restrictions only on Israeli vehicles, because according to the commander this is where Area A starts. According to our map Area C continues well beyond the checkpoint.

14:50-15:35 Gukya Gate – the Iron Gate facing Ro’i Settlement

This is an iron gate thart prevents tractors and vehicles of the Bedouin from east of the Route 578 crossing between Hamra and Mechula, in parallel to the main Rift Valley road (Route 90). The gate opens three times a week for half an hour in the morning, and half an hour from 15:00. When we arrived, an older woman was waiting with her son, and another youngster who arrived on a tractor. They worked in the fields west of the road, live to the east. After them came another tractor. At 15:05, when the soldiers hadn’t come with a key, we phoned the DCO. After ten minutes a jeep arrived. The soldiers apologised for the delay – the jeep did not want to start. They checked the IDs of the waiting Bedouin, opened the gate and stayed until 15:35.

17:07 Zaatra Junction (Tapuah)

Cars from the direction of Nablus being checked in two lanes. Four cars from the west.

17:05 Kipel Haras

A checkpoint at the entrance to the village, next to the pillbox. Six cars in line.