'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 23.2.09, Afternoon

Ricky Y. and Ruthy T.; Translation: Devorah K.
14:45 - 17:30
14:45 - A'anin CP
The hummer is already waiting outside the locked gate. Two are waiting now in the olive grove in a pile of plastic junk that the soldiers did not allow people to transport last week. A tractor with olive branches for heating in its small wagon, is also waiting. At 14:50 the gate opens and all those who were waiting go through quickly. This morning, because of the stormy weather, only 13 people went out to work. We talk to the soldiers and as usual we complain about how arbitrarily they decide about whether it is permitted to take "goods" (junk and used clothes) through the CP. The CP commander claims that this is within his discretion, and that's it.
We call his attention to the dirt all around. No, he will not clean up for "them". It is as if this filthy barbed wire fence does not belong to the IDF. In the past, they did promise to clean things up. At 15:35 the gate closes. Lea and Anna arrive. They did not go out on the rainy morning shift and decided to come out on the afternoon shift, because they thought nobody was here.... We spend some more time at the CP. At 16:00, A.A. from A'anin arrives. She did not know that the CP closes at 15:30. A quick phone call by Anna makes it possible for her to go through the Shaked CP.
16:30 Shaked/Tura CP
A.A. arrives at the CP with us. The soldiers know about her already and she goes through without being inspected. A horse and its rider are not allowed through because of the foot and mouth disease. The soldiers allow us to move around inside the gate. They tell us that a herd of sheep was allowed to go through today despite this.
16:50  Reihan/ Barta'a CP
Workers are coming back from work. In the inspection shed, there is one Transit. At five o'clock, an impressive delegation arrives from the terminal. Those who were waiting in the turnstile are asked to go back and wait behind the yellow line. Sharon and Shimeon explain the new procedures to Lieutenant Colonel A'adel from the DCO. Now it turns out that the railing that was put up there serves to separate those entering from those leaving. That is not what the signs that were put up say. But what difference does it make. The important thing is that there is a demonstration of good will and they claim that everything is fine. Sharon claims that most of the people who come back from their work in Israel through this CP, do so against their will. According to him, their Israeli employers "throw" them off here because it is convenient. They would rather go back, he thinks, via Taibeh or Jalameh . On his part, he does them a favor by letting them through here. At 17:30 workers are still arriving in small groups, walking fast, some running, toward the terminal. Now the passage is very quick. The lower parking lot is full of cars waiting for them.