Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 19.2.09, Morning

Na'ama (photos) Zipi (Reporting)


Sansana-Meytar CP:
6:30: Labourers passage into Israel proceeded orderly. No queues at all. On the Israeli side, a few buses were waiting and indeed, as we drove along, we saw four buses heading towards Sansana for prisoners' visits. When we returned from our shift, the busses on the Israeli side were no longer there – suggesting that passage was smooth.

Road 60

Dura el Fawaar Crossroads: Already ahead of the junction, we saw a military vehicle and soldiers detaining two Palestinian trucks on one of the side roads. At the junction itself, a complete curfew, applying to both pedestrians and cars, is in place and has been on, so we were told, for the past 30min. On the other side, at the Dura el-Fawaar passage itself, the CP is closed, but pedestrians walk in and out.
People who had to get to Dura, started walking uphill, through the neighboring fields. Some of the school children turned back to el-Fawaar: "Fish madrasha" – no school.
9:30 – the curfew at the entrance to Dura was lifted – life returned to its gloomy track.
Bnei Na'im: CP open.
Shayukh – Hebron, north: Up until now, blockages on both sides consisted of high rubble hips. Now, there is a concrete blockage with a "twist" – it has a large pathway for pedestrians (gate-like) 


"As usual." Gilber CP, at Tel-Rumeiydah is deserted, apart from the soldiers. Occasionally, a few children and adults passed smoothely through