Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 29.1.09, Afternoon

Fatchia I. Maya G"Z, Chanah K.

Natanya translating.

14.15  On our way to Beit Furik at the crossroads of Za'tara/Tapuach were 7 cars at the checkpoint.
At Beit Furik
We again saw the sign "Palestine Authority Territory" and behind it the Israeli flag , a white car of the civil blue police and soldiers.

 14.45 We got to Huwwara where there was a long line of cars but only one of the two checking booths operation. A long line of pedestrians who are no humanitarian. We checked that people waited 45 minutes. 

There is the possibility of making things easier for those entering Nablus but opening the wide gate meant for the handicapped. But we did not see these being done, not for those with heavy baggage and not for a handicapped boy who was being carried by his father. His mother carried the crutches.

Ahmed, the new DCO representative, helped us very politely.
The commander made it his business to accompany him when he came up to us satisfying himself by sending us back beyond the fences : "Army territory".
At 16.00 We left.

At the army area next to the fence of the checkpoint was a shoe of a child and a pink blanket.