Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 10.2.09, Morning

Zahava (guest), Nurit W., Rahel A. (reporting)

Translation Hanna K.

Election day. A cold and rainy day. There is very little traffic on the roads.

Za'tara/Tapuah junction:  There are about 40 cars coming from the north, waiting.

Beit Furik - the passage is free. A soldier approached us and says that he is checking randomly.

08:30 Huwwara
A sputter of rain and hail welcomes us. We seek cover under the CP roof. The CP commander instructs us (politely) to leave the "closed area" and we settle near the entrance turnstiles.
In the queue there are less than 20 persons. There is the usual traffic of incoming people, in spite of the bad weather.
At the parking lot "clandestine" selling centers develop. They boil water on a gas burner in the luggage compartment of a car. The coffee is excellent. But it is difficult no to think about the risk of making a fire in such a place.
People show a lot of interest in the elections in Israel. They ask us what, in our opinion will be and how we vote. Everybody is pessimistic, we too. They say there is not difference between the parties.
All the politicians are the same, corrupt etc. Again the argue against the conditions at the parking lot¨no driking water, no toilets. Sad and difficult.
09:30 Nothing much happens. It is cold, We leave early.