Huwwara, Sun 15.2.09, Afternoon

Noa P., Galit G. and Tal H. (reporting)

Translation: Tal H.



15:15 Huwwara 

Inactive x-ray truck, all pedestrian checking posts active.

The waiting lines are short, people do not wait very long, including the special side line for women and elderly.

The quiet - no yelling of soldiers and military policewomen - practically rang in our ears.

4 detaineesinfo-icon spend over half an hour in the cubicle - taxi drivers ' out of line'.

A young Palestinian man passes by us, hissing : "This here produces terrorism".

Vehicle checking post -

cars wait for over an hour to be checked, exiting Nablus in a long long line.

Every single truck and van (even obviously empty ones) is turned back to go get inspected and enter Nablus through the Awarta Checkpoint.
The plastic barriers at the entry lane are very confusing for entering drivers.

A soldier yelling at a driver who dared argue with him: "Want the dog? Go on, split!"

A bus is inspected for 30 minutes: thorough sniffer-dog check, and as there is no active x-ray truck, all personal belongings are opened and tirelessly checked.

The porter with the push cart carries a computer: a soldier grips it and shakes it in the air, vigorously. Advanced security check...

The checkpoint commander takes the trouble to approach us and explain that a special police order forbids us to stand north of the electricity poles.
The DCO representative remains inaccessible to us throughout our shift.

At 17:30 the pedestrian lines are empty, while cars are still lined up for exit,
and a freezing wind chases us off.