'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Eliyahu Crossing, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 4.2.09, Morning

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Nava M., Tom K.(reporter) Translator : Orna B.

6:45 Elijah Passage
22 cars in the queue.
Qalqiliya - few cars, no queue nor traffic jam.
7:15- 8:10 Beit Iba - a separate report.
8:15 Anabta 
There is a queue of 11 cars into Tulkarm. Apparently a minibus is
being inspected rigorously. The following vehicles go through without
inspection. They do not inspect cars leaving Tulkarm.
8:20 The previous queue seems to evaporate when
we arrive. When they check the IDs of passengerss in a taxi - they send
it to one side, thus preventing a new jam. Nevertheless within five
minutes a new queue of 10 cars is formed.
8:30 A man standing in the queue cannot start
his car. He pushes it towards the checkpoint. One of the soldiers
shouts to him:"What going on, have you come to blow yourself up on
us?". Despite that they let him through and he manages to ignite the
car going downhill. 
8:45 At Jubara we wait for them to open the gate to A-ras. As usual, after a routine wait (of ten minutes) they let us through.
8:55 A-ras
A pickup truck of the Red Crescent is standing to one side. They
check the IDs of the driver and the passanger. A few cars arrive from
the direction of Qalqiliya, but traffic is thin.