Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 26.1.09, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Yael S. (reporting)

 Etzion DCL: we arrived close to 13:00.No pressure. Around 20 people asking for magnetic cards, all enter before we leave.Two waiting for Shabak.

There’s time to meet and talk.

The man wants to visit family in Jordan. They sent him back from the bridge. Sent him for clarification. He is being dealt with by the Centre for Defence of the Individual, so there isn’t much for us to add. This is the fourth time the Shabak has summoned him for a meeting. The three previous times, including today, they said “shalom” and handed him an invitation for another day.The man has a Jordanian passport and a Palestinian ID.The Association for Civil Rights (ACRI) explained to Shlomit that already for two years they have a petition before the Supreme Court on the subject. So is the State permitted to deny a resident with foreign nationality exit from undefined territories? 

We drove to Jabaa – didn’t find the second checkpoint, only the main one after Jabaa: a car with a Palestinian passenger and somebody with a blue (Israeli) ID were being checked and the passengers were taken out of the car. After five minutes they were released. Traffic was very thin, and we tried to guess where Israel was, and where the Green Line passed between Beit Shemesh and Tzurif.