Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 11.2.09, Morning

Tamar G. & Hagit B. (reporting)

Sansana-Hebron CP
Most workers, almost all, have passed through already. those whoe arrive, walk through immediately. Israeli trucks are already downloading sand. The CP itself is entirely covered with elections-campaign posters of "Ha'ihud Haleumi" (literally: "The National Unity": Israeli political party, whose slogan is): "and the most important, not to be afraid at all". 

Road 60
Thick fog obscures everything.
Still, children walk to school on the sideway, along the road – I presume all blockages are in place and all pillboxes are manner – but due to the fog, can see nothing.
Close to Atniel – the yellow gate is open, but on the sideway, large rocks laid once again.
Shuyukh Hebron: we meet a Palestinian who works as coordinator for an EU project caring for handicaps in the Palestinian Authority. He claims that we (Israelis) are all the same – hence, the election results make not difference to him.
More Palestinian cars on the road. 

Road 356

The fog is really thick.
Bnei Naim CP: open; in fact, the yellow gate has even been removed. I assume that the pillbox is manned – but can't see.
if Junction: open.  

Road 317
The mansion at Carmel (settlement) is finished – who says the settlements are not expanding?
A single hitch-hiker at the bus stop – they're plain irresponsible, those settlers. The road is deserted and the fog is thick. 
Beit Yatir CP Fog is heavy – there are no people passing through. A large parking lot of stolen cars. 

The blue police ("normal" Israeli police) announces an "event" whenever they see A(our driver)'s blue transit vehicle: they ask for our names every time anew, simply to protect us, but in fact, it only makes things more difficult for us. Lots of young children walk to school. 

The House of Dispute: no soldiers at the bottom, only at the checkpoint, higher up – and they don't seem to be leaving their position.
The Prayers' Route: neither a Boarder Police Jeep, nor any soldiers within sight.
Just before the Patriarch's Tomb Cave, at the curve – a Boarder Police Jeep.
Pharmacy CP: the children pass through more quickly this time, and won't be late to school. The CP is now manned by Boarder Police soldiers.
Next to the Habad Cemetery: next to the pillbox higher up – many girls pass through, walking to their school – and no one is being checked there.
Tel Rumeyda: The soldiers stay in their booth – children and adults alike walk through unchecked – the rain and the fog seem to help avoid redundant conflict.
Tarpat CP: a teacher from Cordoba school waits at the gate – the soldiers haven't notice that she was waiting there for 15min already. They let her through as soon as we draw their attention – and let a cart with a gas container pass through too.
The rest of Hebron, in the H2 area, feels like a huge ghost-city and is very depressing.