Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 1.2.09, Morning

Paula R. and Yael Z.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

7.00 there is still a long line of people outside the CP. Some of them came to raise their personal problems about the process of passing. We wrote them and went to the Israeli side to talk with the man in charge. Aharon, claimed that they do everything to finish every morning at 7.00 and they pay special attention to every problem. He said that the optical checking doesn't take as much time as the workers believe.

Road No. 60

The road is almost empty, several children walk along the road on their way to school.

Dura El Fawar – Open for cars from both sides, 3 military vehicles watch the passing with no intervention.

Sheep Junction – The gate is open for cars pass but the place is deserted.


Many Boarder Police cars watch over the different intersections on the main road, as well as the entrance to the "prayers' path" next to the Patriarch's Cave Tombs.

The House of Dispute was surrounded by a concrete wall in front and barbed wire all around.

Pharmacy CP – The last boys pass on their way to school

Shuhada St. – No soldiers were in any of the pill boxes along the road.

Tarpat CP – Empty,  TIPH car is watching over.

Tel Rumeida – 2 Givaty soldiers guarding the road on both ends: the "Red Line check-up" has resumed but it works rather quickly.

The soldiers in place are rather hostile, a police jeep arrives to make sure we don't interrupt with their work. they take down our licence no. and prohibit us from parking there. We proceed down in the car and are escorted by the police all the way back to Kiriat Arba.

Road 365

The road was widened lately though there wasn't a car to be seen around.

Zif Junction: open

We stopped at the grocery for fresh vegetables and noticed that the blockage at the end of the road opposite  the shop was removed!

The rest of our journey was quite and quick.