Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 5.2.09, Morning

Netta A., Michaela R. (reporting)
7:00  Wadi Nar

Traffic flowing.  Only a few vehicles detained, for 2-3 minutes.  Many pedestrian school children crossing.

7:50  Zeitim Crossing

Sparse traffic.  We did not see anyone waiting in the shelter for the DCO.

Edomin Police Station in E1,  Az Za'ayyem

We drove there to see whether there is construction in the area.  Since neither of us had been there for a long time, we were not certain whether there were indeed changes.  On the hills to the east we saw something that looked like a new outpost.

From there we drove to Az-Za'ayyem.  We met a young man near the grocery store at the entrance to the village, and he told us of the demolitions carried out this week in Az-Za'ayyem and Issawiyya.  Close to the entrance, near the gas station, there is a pile of rubble, we don't know from when.  The man invited us to the roof of his house, but there was no view from there in the direction of E1 areas.
Near the new border-police base, Metzudat Edomim, we could see earthworks.
Our host also told us of an event this week in which a resident of Az-Za'ayyem was beaten and wounded at the checkpoint on his way to work.  To the best of our knowledge no complaint was submitted.

[Our host asked us not the enter the village without accompaniment]

We saw nothing out of the ordinary at the checkpoint.