Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 1.2.09, Afternoon

Daniela G., Annette H., Tami B. (reporting)

15:210 - 16:45 PM,  Etzion DCL:   when we arrived there were 13 men waiting, everyone for a magnetic card.
They told us that more than 20 people were inside the office and during the
time we spent there we saw around 8 of them coming out but few were let in
After 45min the first person was let in (apart from one man before, who had
come for a special permit). At 16:00 we asked the soldier behind the window if the people still waiting would be let in today. His reply was:
"Definitely. Don't worry". At 16:20 we turned to the soldier again, and
asked why only one person had been let in during one hour, and immediately
two more people were asked to enter. But that was it. One more guy was
called in, which had to do with the Shaback, but at 16:40 the soldier said
that they were finished and people should go home. We tried to argue and
remind him of his promise, but to no avail.
Since this day was the special day for people from Beit Djalla, we asked the
soldier to at least be personally responsible for those who had not been
taken care of, that it would be possible for them to come back the following
day. The soldier agreed and we gave one of the guys, who had been waiting
for nothing, Daniela's number in case they would have problems being
accepted the next day. The Palestinian guy didn't call the following day so
we assume that the people who had just a little bit of faith still left and
bothered to come again the next day were taken care of even though they were
not from the right area. 
17:00 PM, Bethlehem checkpoint: the checkpoint was practically empty
when we arrived. We waited until two people passed within a few seconds,
and as there was no problem, we left.