Beit Iba, Jit, Shave Shomron, Mon 2.2.09, Morning

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Nina S., Roni S. (reporting) trans. Judith Green


7:30  J'it Junction is open.

 7:37  Shavei Shomron checkpoint (Ganot in military

Random inspections of cars arriving from the direction
of Jenin (north) cause a long line which dissolves rapidly when the soldiers
let the cars go by without any inspection at all.

Buses and large trucks find it difficult to go through
the narrow passageway between the wall of Shavei Shomron and the wall dividing
the two lanes of the checkpoint.  The passage through is even more difficult
because of the cement blocks which the soldiers erected there.  Every time the
cars are inspected in only one direction, so the traffic from the other
direction is stopped.  Similarly, all the vehicles which are inspected
thoroughly stop all the traffic in both directions.

A very large truck for collecting garbage, with an
Israeli license plate, arrives from the south and travels in the wrong lane
(which is very narrow) opposite a Palestinian car and forces the Palestinian
driver to go backwards.  That is how the Masters of the land behave…

8:05  Beit Iba

Vehicles enter Nablus with no inspection.

12-15 vehicles at the exit, checked in two lanes.  A
taxi which left Nablus is sent back.  In the pedestrian lane there are no
inspections for those entering Nablus.  At the exit – thorough inspections, as
usual.  IDs, bags, belts, etc.  Also at the "humanitarian" exit the
IDs and bags are inspected.

8:40 A detainee, "bingo".  The DCO rep, S., tells
the checkpoint commander that he knows that this youth, who was shot in his leg
by an IDF soldier was taken off from the "bingo" list.  Nevertheless,
the commander is not convinced and, later on, he even sends him to a
"talk" with the officer who is in the building next to the guard

The checkpoint commander detains another two youths
who are sent to the detaineesinfo-icon' area and afterward for a
"conversation", interrogation or something like that.  They are all
released at the end of their interrogation.

9:10  We left.