Beit Iba, Mon 2.2.09, Afternoon

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Elisheva A., Yona A. Translator: Charles K.

15:00  Few cars entering
or leaving Nablus and passing through the checkpoint.  ID’s are
checked against a list of numbers. 


Porters complain there’s
no work.


Soldiers at the pedestrian
checkpoint inspect the IDs of women and men permitted to use the fast


Young men behind the turnstile
go through the beeping magnemometer.  They have to remove shoes
and belts and empty their pockets, and go through after their documents
are checked.  The checkpoint commander goes from one lane to the
next, comes over to us and says hello.  Few people are going through
but he says that, compared to the past few days when even fewer came
through here, it’s busy.  The DCO representative also says that
today is busy, but there aren’t any problems.  “Time passes
quickly at Huwwara.  There are many problems to solve,” he says.


A young woman goes through
the fast lane.  She’s hold a bag containing a wrapped box that
looks like a box of cookies from a bakery.  The soldier asks the
DCO representative to inspect the box.  The latter looks at the
bag and lets her through.