Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Tue 3.2.09, Morning

Anat T., Shira V. (reporting)


Before reaching Sheikh Saed we roamed around the area of Wadi Alhumus, which is on the western side of the Jabel Mukhaber neighbourhood, between Sheikh Saed and East Talpioth.  The area appeared to be quite tranquil, we saw no border police jeeps, or any other Israeli security forces.

7:10  Sheikh Saed

Crossing is smooth, despite interruptions to record some of those going through the checkpoint.  The soldier told us that he records only the people he doesn't know, and -- as always -- he was unable to tell where and to what end this information is sent.

8:00  Zeitim Crossiing

The checkpoint is fairly empty, two corridors are operating, and the sparse traffic flows.

9:00  Wadi Nar

Traffic flowing.  When we arrived we saw two detained vehicles just being released.  Otherwise, a number of vehicles were detained and then released within a short time.
8:40  Az Za'ayyem

The checkpoint is tranquil.  Once in a while vehicles were stopped then released within a short time.  We met A., a pleasant and courteous border police officer.

9:40  Sheikh Jerach, Um-Kamal's protest tent

We met Um-Kamal who told us that there will be a hearing of her case in the magistrates' court on Feb. 19th.  She sounded optimistic and encouraged, and expressed the hope of returning to her home soon because she had no doubt that the court would understand that the settlers' documents were forgeries.

Later we spoke with Meir Margalit who explained that the court does not deal with her case directly or with the possiblity of her return to her home, but with legal issues around the rights of settlers to submit a tender for occupying the house.  And if they are turned down this time, they will try again for the tender under a different name for a Registered Association.  In practice, any Israeli citizen can compete for such a tender (and we wondered why there is no left-wing organisation to pick up the gauntlet and compete).  In any event, whoever wishes to call Um-Kamal, to visit and support her: 050-7877566