Bethlehem, Tue 20.1.09, Afternoon

Yael L.J. (reporting), Lindsey M. (volunteer - from GB)

Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300:  when we arrived, two civil guards and two soldiers from the Military Police were on duty. More Palestinians came about 15:30 pm. Sometimes there were up to 60 people standing in the hall. Following the number of waiting people the soldiers were opening up different counters, up to four of them. This was very helpful as people did not have to wait more than a quarter of an hour to get in.

Certain jams did result because people from and to Jerusalem had to use the same counter. Women had priority.

There was one case in which an older man after some arguments first could pass to Jerusalem and then went back to Bethlehem. We could not find out what actually happened.

We left about 16:45 pm.