'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 29.1.09, Morning

Miriam B., Sima S.

Guest: Wajdi

06:00 Aanin Checkpoint

Two new concrete cubes were added in front of the closed gate. The inner gate, far from us, is open and the soldiers appear from the distance to be checking people slowly. People arrive at the locked gate and wait for it to open.

06:20 – the gate opens and people pass through. About 30 people are waiting, the happy ones having a permit, but many complain that most of the people, mainly labourers, don’t receive permits even though they request them.

06:30 – the outer gate is closed and 25 men, a woman and three tractors remain "locked" in.

06:55 – we leave.
07:55 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
Here too there are two new concrete blocks before the half-open gate. The people who pass say that all requests for permits, including for farmers, are refused.
This week there are new soldiers and the passage is faster. The schoolchildren are still on holiday. Before we leave, a youngster riding a white horse passes. We wonder whether it is the messiah or a prince on a white charger...
07:30 Reihan Bartaa Checkpoint
We arrive at the checkpoint gate, declare a visitor and bags of clothes, wait for approval. Three loaded tenders are waiting for inspection at the entrance. In the parking lot, a few drivers and the new coffee vendor. One of the drivers says that there is no work because, for a month now, there has been a policy to let Bartaa taxis go inside, to transport people arriving, so the livelihood of the private car drivers is blocked.
The holders of power continue to deprive and depress those without power; the dogs bark, and the convoy moves on...