'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 2.2.09, Afternoon

Ricky Y. and Ruthy T. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

14:55 - A'anin CP
The gate is closed, no soldiers. About 20 people and 3 tractors are waiting to go through to get back to A'anin. Many people complain that they have not received permits. We are forced to tell them that the problem is known and there is no point in taking care of the requests of each individual at this time.

At 15:10 the sergeant major from the DCO arrives. He phones to find out why the gate is still closed. In the meantime, we ask why so few people are waiting. Is this because of the policy of not giving agricultural permits? He says that the small number of people is exactly the problem. In the morning about 150 people went through - 80% of them on the list of those with permits. That is to say, most of those who went out in the morning do not return in the afternoon. In his opinion, there is no general policy not to grant agricultural permits.


At 15:12 a commandcar arrives. The gate is opened and the sergeant major places himself near the concrete hut.
At 15:18 the first person goes through - an old man riding on a donkey. The sergeant major helps the soldiers in their work and it is carried out quickly and calmly.
At 15:32 a tractor loaded with plastic rubbish for recycling (at the plant in Jenin). It goes through without any problem and so do the other tractors.
At 15:38 the CP is empty.
A courteous soldier excuses the lateness in opening the CP because there were fuel problems in his vehicle. The sergeant major notifies us that on Thursday many permits will be confiscated. We stiffen - and then he corrects himself and says that he will interrogate those who have not returned today, warn them, give them a second chance, but no, it's not really possible to confiscate the permits. We call his attention to the piles of garbage in the area of the CP and he promises to take care of it. It seems that he has something to do with the great gardening at the Barta'a CP and he is proud of it.

16:05 Shaked-Tura CP
A new company of soldiers is at the CP. "The soldiers are good today," says one of the people going through. There is very little traffic. A herd of sheep returns from the area of the isolated house; a herd of goats is transported on a small truck, and goes through quickly in the direction of the West Bank.

16:30 Reihan-Barta'a CP

The lower parking lot is full of cars waiting for workers. They arrive in small groups. Four cars are being inspected. Two cars, a taxi and a small pickup truck are waiting in the road. The owner of the taxi, A.M., approaches us and claims that he always has to go through a special inspection because of "alerts". About a year ago his taxi was taken apart for no reason whatsoever; there was damage that cost him thousands of shekels and he still has not received the compensation that is coming to him.

At 16:45 the cars leave the inspection shed. The taxi and the pickup truck mentioned above enter.

17:00 In the upper sleeveinfo-icon at the entrance to the terminal the traffic is very thin. "Go to the Shaar Efraim CP; there they've had a lot of problems in the morning." There are also problems in Tira. The passage there is very slow and the employers wait only until 6:45; that is why workers leave Ya'abed at 3 a.m.

At 17:20 the pickup truck and the taxi leave the inspection shed (after 35 minutes) and we leave.