Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Wed 4.2.09, Afternoon

Chana G., Rina H., Rahel W. (reporting)
Wadi Nar

We arrived at Wadi Nar at about 1:45. p.m. It was rather quiet.  There were some 9 security personnel -- reservists and border police -- doing the checking and almost all vehicles went through without delay.  As in previous shifts, we noticed that new model cars were more likely to be stopped.  In several cases, stringent checks were carried out with the security personnel more concerned about proper registration and ownership than about security concerns.

When we arrived, there were two Ecumenical observers there.  They reported no unusual events.

As the afternoon went on, there were more and more vehicles going through in both directions, but there was minimal checking and everything moved smoothly.

One little Kafkaesque note that was present last week as well.  On the road leading up to the kiosk from Abu Dis, which in the past was one way away from the checkpoint, and from which cars that might have emerged were severely reprimanded and sent back, there is now a large triple headed arrow painted in the road which points left, right, and center.  However, directly in front of the elaborate arrow is a wall of barbed wire making passage impossible.  A metaphor for the whole state of events???