Reihan, Shaked, Sat 31.1.09, Morning

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Sarit, Rachel (reporting)

06:55 - Rihan checkpoint

The upper car park area is vacant and quiet.

  An opening announcement: "Good morning. Begin the flow."
The yellow gate, at the center of the checkpoint crossing the closed road, will open at 07:05.
On our  way to the terminal's entrance we watched those entering - "Hamsa Hamsa" : "five at a time" (this time in a female voice).
Inside the terminal- the division is closed, one window is operational.

People begin coming out of the terminal.

Those who entered at 07:05 begin  coming out. The seamstresses women (the non-hearing group) wait for their friends and meet them with smiles and joy. Those coming out greet others with 'good morning'.
The face of the nursery owner are still sad and he reminds us that his son has not yet receive his work permit.

Around 07:40
the second window opens and within 5-10 minutes closes. Average standing time in line for the window , after coming out of the inspection chambers is about 10 minutes .

In general traffic of pedestrians is sparse.

07:55 At
the upper car park area there are 4 vans that fill up with passengers.
Vehicle's inspection is as usual. 4 cars  dogs, barks.

Every so often a military Hammer with a huge flag passes bye, not to confuse us as to who is the local govern.

08:15 - Shaked checkpoint
The parachutes flag which was spread  over the carousel, near Tura,  was removed.
The DCO Jeep parks on the side of the road.

Traffic is sparse.

08:45 - We left