'Anabta, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), יום ה' 15.1.09, בוקר

Ora K., Michaela R. (reporting)



An enormous line of vehicles; purposeful checking takes place in two lanes.

In the pedestrian crossing, a jostling line of 80-100 persons, mostly schoolchildren.  The spectacle of little ones crushed between metal fences is a sorry sight.  Some of the children are not allowed to cross.

Two little ones who tried to cross at the entry lane were pursued by a female soldier and sent to the official crossing.

In the parking area, large numbers of children and buses come and go.  The ushers manage to control the chaos, and somehow or other everyone finds their destination without getting run over.

Wadi Nar

When we arrived there was a long line from the direction of Sawahara, and 6-7 transits facing north were detained.  Facing south, a truck was unloaded and meticulously checked.  The check was completed  20 minutes after out arrival, but we have no idea when it began.

Southward, the line reaches beyond the bend in the road, spilling towards the wadi.

Vehicles were stopped at random all the time, and delayed for anything between a few minutes and half an hour.

The metal arm which was carefully kept closed last week, was open today.
Around 8:30 the lines grow shorter.


Sample checks of trucks.

Minibuses: young men disembark, women and the elderly remain in their seats.  The check is quick on the whole.