Reihan, Shaked, Tue 27.1.09, Morning

Neta G., Tamar V., W. (reporting)
06:20 - Rihan checkpoint
The male workers and the seamstresses had already gone through and there is no traffic of pedestrians.

12 pickup trucks wait for inspection that is due to begin  only at 07:00. One of those waiting is assisted by his son who is on school vacation.

06:53 - Shaked-Tura  checkpoint
The soldiers are already in their post but the gate to the checkpoint is still closed. A few minutes later two soldiers 

go down to the inspection booth and precisely at 07:00 the gate opens. The first personto cross to the Seam Line zone tells us that throughout the week "was good (at the checkpoint) may it always be like that". Neta says that she wishes there was no checkpoint at all and he replies that the checkpoint is important for security reasons. He tells us that is family is going to move to Tura, on the Palestinian side of the checkpoint, from Daher-el-Malek which is located in the Seam Line zone. In doing so they will not be dependent on the checkpoint in case of emergency like taking a child to the hospital in the middle of the night.

An Israeli woman takes into her car two girls with masks on their faces (due to illness). She drives them to Hadassah hospital. The fellow standing with us tells us that the two are not well because their parents are relatives and they did do any medical exams prior to the wedding and only after the two girls were born it turned out that the blood relations causes genetics complications (I was not aware that we were supposed to take such medical exams).

Through out our shift at the checkpoint very people had gone through and there were no complaints.
A "calm" day.