Qalandiya, יום א' 4.1.09, אחה"צ

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This is the second day of the ground invasion of the IDF into Gaza, the Molten Lead War.

15:45 Qalandiya checkpoint
The increase in security forces indicated the expectation of things happening.  A soldier with his rifle at the ready stood at the sniper's site which faces the passage to the Palestinian refugee camp, and jeeps of the border police waited in the area of the checkpoint in their vehicles.  However, things did not develop into violence and their desire subsided.  In the parking lot, we were affronted by the shouts of the woman soldier who was at the stand where vehicles entered into the checkpoint, a soldier who only has a voice--without a description of her being hidden in the stand with its sterileinfo-icon protection.  Her commands and instructions were said in a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic and were shouted in a scolding and reprimanding tone.  The words, which in our opinion, emphasized her behavior were when she grew desperate in explaining to the drivers what they should do and shouted out "Yalla.  To the ground! to the ground!  As if they were dogs who were subject to her bitterness and not people. 
At the side of the checkpoint a red sign was set up, new, which warned those crossing to the north that they were entering Area A and that this was a felonous act.  We learned in consultation with our lawyer that  this is not written at all in the sign.  There is no law which forbids entry into Area A and therefore going in is not a criminal act.

There is new and impressive graffiti on the wall.   There was an association with Picasso's Guernica, apparently it is a signature of the artist Trend Agurk; no political projection. 
We wondered about who the creators of it were and when they carried out their work because their efforts required exactitude and light.  We spoke with several people at the place.  They, like us, were only witnesses to the finished products.  No one saw how and when it was carried out.  One of the wonders of graffiti, as is known, is the anonymity of it.

Hizme checkpoint:
6:00 This is the first time we were witnesses to checks being carried out here with a dog.  The strap of the dog was attached to the hand of an officer who had the rank of captain