Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Mon 19.1.09, Morning

Rina R., Maya B. (reporting)

We're on our way to Sheikh Sa'ed but already on the ascent numerous police prevent our descent to Jabel Mukhaber.  At the sight of a large number of heavy construction vehicles, we realized that a sealing or house demolition was in progress.  And that indeed was the case.  The home of the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in the Rabbi Kook Centre was sealed.

We drove to the Az-Za'ayyem checkpoint.  The traffic jam continued as far as the ascent to Ma'aleh Adomim, but there were no particular delays of Palestinian vehicles.
We continued to Wadi Nar.   We saw the new arrangements.  Private cars, buses and taxis are randomly and speedily checked.  A man who looked like a tourist was delayed for a long time, but treated very courteously.  A chair was brought, he was invited to sit, and apologies were offered for the time it took to check his papers on the computer.

We returned through the Az-Za'ayyem checkpoint, and entered from behind.  There we encountered  a small checkpoint we had not seen in the past, and two soldiers who were very excited to meet machsom-watch women.  There was no special treatment of Palestinians.