Beit Iba, Sun 11.1.09, Afternoon

Alix W., Aliyah S. reporting


 I suppose that it is important for us to continue to go to Beit Iba, to put in an appearance. It's important that the soldiers see that we are coming regularly, making notes and reporting. But really, is there anything to report?

The checkpoint was very quiet. During the time we were there perhaps 10 people came from Nablus, and the same number, approximately went into the city. The soldiers were polite and spoke with us. One of them said, "It's always quiet here," and smiled. A few cars went into the city without being checked; a few cars and taxis came out of the city and were checked, but all was moving smoothly.

It was pouring rain all the time we were there. The pedestrian path to go into Nablus was completely flooded, a small river; it was very difficult for those going into the city.

We heard from a Palestinian that during the current war in Gaza the West Bank is very quiet. He said the people want to demonstrate their solidarity with Gaza, but the Palestinian Authority is keeping everyone quiet. People don't dare to demonstrate. He didn't give any more details.