Beit Iba, Mon 19.1.09, Afternoon

Ziona S. Bilha A. Elisheva. (Natanya translating)

 14.10 Very quiet.
At the entrance to Nablus, cars are not checked. To see cars not having to stop and wait for the soldier to motion them forwards is a small pleasure.
A motorbike arrives from Nablus . A colorful helmet, a leather coat and the bike makes an impression. The soldier all encircle it, wonder and receive explanations. So normal for the young!!
On our way back we stop next to the new vegetable kiosk. The owners ask Ziona if she knows when they will take down the checkpoint. Now there are no problems and the Authority is in control. "Why do they not let us breathe?" They tell ofa family of six who live in one room. They built an addition and though they asked for a permit they were refused and had to destroy it.  "Have you seen an Israeli who lives with four children in one room. If they would only let people be there would be no problems." So clear and so simple.