Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Tue 13.1.09, Morning

Anat T., Shira V. (reporting)
06:50  Sheikh Saed
At first traffic was sparse, children and adults crossing immediately.  But within minutes a line formed as more people streamed towards the checkpoint.  The pressure was at its highest for about 20 minutes.  During this time two soldiers stood outside, one checked the children, the other the adults.  The soldier at the checkpoint prayed and put on tfilin, and this delayed the crossing until the two soldiers replaced him.  By 7:30 the line disappeared.

08:20  Wadi Nar
A group of reservists manned the checkpoint.  There were no delays, but once in a while vehicles were stopped on the road, then told to continue on their way.  There was not much traffic.