Reihan, Shaked, Sat 3.1.09, Morning

Sarit, Rachel H (reporting)

Translator: Bracha Ben-AvrahamReihan Checkpoint: 06:55
The upper parking lot is empty.  The dogs are barking.  Four cars are waiting on the other side of the gate on the road.

07:05: A loudspeaker announces: “Good morning. Passage may begin.” 

07:10: The gate to the road rattles and opens.  We are forbidden to walk through.  “Only with your car!  It was always that way, how long have you been here?  You’re new, eh??”  The speaker refused to identify himself.  “I’m a security guard here and I’m not sure that I’m permitted to give you my name.”

We got the message.  We gave up going down to the lower parking area (we observed it from the sleeveinfo-icon), and we met people going in and out at the upper entrance to the terminal. After about 10 minutes people began to come out.  One of the seamstresses said that her palm print examination had “not worked” and she was told that that she could not pass through unless she was checked at the District Coordination Office (DCO) at Salem. There is no problem with her palm print at Salem.  She shows us a new card and talks about the expense of traveling to Salem each week.  Some of the seamstresses are waiting for their friends.  They are not dressed warmly enough for such a cold day. Two of them sound as if they have a severe hearing disability. All of us try to hold a conversation with the small amount that we spoke of each other’s languages. A man from Kfar Kara is permitted to accompany his daughter who is carrying a lot of suitcases to the lower parking lot.  The daughter is leaving for a week of exams in the American University near Jenin.

07:45 The last seamstresses are leaving.  There is a long line in front of the window, and another window opens.  At 08:00 the partition opens and a third window opens.  At about 08:10 all the windows close except one.

We were pleased to meet W.  He came out with two friends, each of whom was carrying a jug of olive oil (Is that another way they make a living?)  It appeared that he was also pleased to see us.  He looks good and is well-dressed.  At 08:00 three children with knapsacks arrived from A’anin and want to go through.  Someone from A’anin came out of the terminal who knows them and agreed to call one of their parents.  We understood that the father was not pleased at the announcement.  The children consented to enter the terminal and waited a bit.  A security guard arrived and let them out.  The examiner at the window did not look pleased at the arrangement.

Three transits were waiting in the tent at the upper parking lot.  The dogs checked and sniffed the three vehicles, while four others waited on the road for their turn.

Shaked Checkpoint – 08:40

Very little traffic.