Beit Iba, Tue 6.1.09, Morning

Hagar, Rachel A. (reporting), Translator: Charles K.
A quiet morning.  No tension apparent, despite what's happening in the south.
 06:55  Jit junction - no checkpoint.

07:10  Beit Iba - Few people going through in both directions. Two vehicle lanes open, but the inspection booths are always manned.  Most of the time, 10-15 vehicles - mostly trucks - are on line waiting to exit.  Cars and people on foot coming in aren't checked.  A group of officers is wandering around, including Zaharan, from the DCO.  He and the checkpoint commander reply, in response to our inquiry, that for now the plan to dismantle this checkpoint has been suspended.

 07:55  Shave Shomron - Two soldiers at the inspection booth.  They aren't stopping cars.