'Anabta, Qalqiliya, Thu 18.12.08, Afternoon

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Devora L., Michal S. Translator: Louise L.


At Qalqiliya
there are 40 vehicles waiting in line. It’s impossible to see the
end of the line of cars on their way out. Next to the roadblock a sixteen
year old boy is sitting on the ground. He is handcuffed. I am sitting
on a chair next to him. They tell us that the boy has been detained
for an hour already. He works on a site nearby. The soldiers called
him, but he didn’t stop. That’s why he’s being punished. The commander
of the checkpoint doesn’t speak to us. We have reported the incident
to the IDF Humanitarian Center and his mother has spoken to them. They
said that they would check what is happening. After a few moments we
call the District Coordination Office in Qalqiliya and they answer that
they know about the detainee and the long and slow line, and that they
are investigating. A taxi driver at the roadblock says that this has
been the situation for a month already.


We leave the roadblock. The entrance
to Azzun is open. We speak to the detained boy who tells us that he’s
just been released. We ask him why he was handcuffed, and he answers
that it was because he had shouted at the soldiers.


(After visiting Beit-Iba)
– Vehicles are being checked at the entrance and the exit.
At the exit from Anabta there are 4 cars waiting in line, at the entrance
10. The soldier says that they check ID cards from time to time but
not car licenses.