Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 11.12.08, Afternoon

Fatchia I. Etika D.

 Natanya translating.

14.00 Za'tara. About 30 cars

14.25 Huwwara.
We were impressed at the innovations. It is not clear to us where we can stand so as to see what is happening. We stood next to the humanitarian line. The commander, sergeant I. asked us to stand at the entrance.
At the back are two lines of people in holiday dress. It is still holiday time. We were impressed at the shelf between the two gatesinfo-icon where people could leave their parcels and men came out neatly. We were also impressed that there is no isolation cell but a fenced in area. The place is completely fenced in.
Fences everywhere. It is a very upsetting scene and causes disquiet and tension.
14.45. A break in the checking. An exercise about catching a terrorist. The soldiers stand opposite the people in line with their guns point at them. The soldiers  run around sending both us and the Palestinians who are standing there with movements of the hand and cries.
14.55 The exercise is over and the checking continues.
15.15 We went to Beit Furik to see for ourselves the innovations.
In the place are a truck and a crane putting up a new sentry tower.