'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 22.12.08, Morning

Lea R., Anna N. S.

Translation: Devorah K.

06:30-07:20 Reihan-Barta'a CP

When we arrived we were received by a gigantic Hanukka candelabrum placed in the middle of the square. In the square there are greenery, benches and  plants for everybody's enjoyment. In the lower parking lot, A. tells us excitedly that for the last two days, the Mavo Dothan CP has opened only at six AM, delaying hundreds of workers who are rushing to work. A phone call to the DCO confirms this with the claim that "there is an incident" that constrains us to delay the opening.

The CP at Reihan opens at 05:00 and according to one of the drivers, 300 - 350 people have gone through so far. There are only a few drivers in the compound at this time. T. says that there is no work here and the drivers have left to seek their livelihood elsewhere. Those returning to the West Bank go through on foot and in a vehicle waiting for them in the lower parking lot. He himself is waiting for a ride to Jenin and if there are two or three such trips in a day, he is satisfied.

Seven pickup trucks are waiting for inspection. Today, they are letting five vehicles enter at once instead of only four, but it's a long and tiring time in the compound.  Unloading and reloading the goods causes damage, especially to the eggs.

07:00 - The compound is still not open. "We are waiting for the
forklift man," says A., on the basis of his experience. He claims that it is now forbidden to transport fuel and coal from the West Bank to the seamline zone, and that forces the residents of the seamline zone to buy them in West Barta'a at exorbitant prices. It is now winter; the families are large and there is a great need for coal and fuel for heating, but the costs are exaggerated and since the incomes are not high enough they are forced to do with only a little. "We warm ourselves like chickens - staying close together." A. tells us that since there is no bathroom in the lower parking lot, they have made requests to use the bathrooms in the vehicle inspection compound. Before they can use them, they have to call on a representative of the security company and wait for the security guard with his rifle to take them to the bathroom. The matter of the restrooms in the parking lot, as you know, is being tossed back and forth between the civilian security company and the brigade command. Each side sheds responsibility for them and places it on the other group.

07:15 - the first five pickup trucks are invited to enter for inspection.

07:30 - 08:00  Shaked-Tura CP

About 15 or more workers are waiting on the West Bank side, to go through to the seamline zone. Opposite them, the cars are waiting (the inspection is meticulous), as are a number of woman students in veils and a few young pupils. A taxi belonging to a seamline zone resident is detained for a second inspection. We know the man as somebody who works there regularly. After four hours, he is allowed to go on his way.

08:10 A'anin CP

A soldier locks the front CP and says that until now the farmers have gone through. He does not know how many because he arrived only for the last inspections, and he does not know of anything out of the ordinary that took place (what is 'out of the ordinary' in the view of the IDF?).