'Anabta, 'Azzun, Qalqiliya, Thu 6.11.08, Afternoon

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Smadar H., Amos M. (guest), Deb L. reporting
2:13 PM Qalqilyia.
Lines to and from Tul Karem moving. Israeli Arabs without permits are not allowed into Tul Karem.

2:20PM Azun.
The entrance to the village is open.

5:37PM Anabta.
Vehicles to TK are waved on without checking. Vehicles from TK form a line of about 10 cars and it takes about 20 seconds a vehicle to pass through the checking booth.
We were told by 2 women from the Ecumenical, Council whom we saw at Beit Iba, that there have been some problems lately in Anabta. She was told that the army wanted to take 6 dunams of land around the CP to build a terminal, and the land belongs to a number of families, who have brought the case to court. According to her this caused tension between the army and the local population.

We were not at A Ras.