Beit Iba, Mon 8.12.08, Afternoon

Bilhah A., Ziona S., Elisheva (reporting) Translator: Judith G.

Beit Iba

About one kilometer after the junction of roads 57/60, there was a lot of the color yellow:  yellow blocks, a yellow barrier as well as a crane.  A second lieutenant that we met at Beit Iba told us that this was temporary and that the checkpoint would remain as it was.  We recorded this information… At the entrance it was quiet.  One kiosk was open; a few taxis.  They dared to drive right up to the checkpoint and take on passengers leaving Nablus, mainly families with children in holiday clothes. Although there was no pressure, the soldier inspecting in the humanitarian line made sure order was preserved.  He sent a terrified old man back in the line to his proper place.  The movement of private vehicles was free, but the drivers already have a "conditioned reflex" and stop on the line.  The checkpoint commander suggested that we stay if we wanted to speak with the commanding officer that was supposed to arrive at any moment.  We declined.  We have enough problems with Israelis now. It was a short shift.  There was no tension or anger.  The people insisted on having a holiday attitude and we agreed with that.  A strange experience in such a place.