'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Beit Iba, Irtah, Thu 11.12.08, Morning

Tzvia S., Rachel A. (reporting) Translator: Judith G.

Irtah, A-Ras, Anabta, Beit Iba

06:45 – Irtahit is still a holiday, the last day of Id-al-Adhah so there aren't so many workers.  The atmosphere is calm, no complaints.  Four lines were open, so people didn't have to wait long.  "Come on Sunday and you'll see what it is like!" 07:20 – Ar-RasReserve unit.  They look at us and ask who we are.  They listen.  One objects.  One insults.  At the checkpoint itself there is almost no traffic.  Here and there a vehicle.  Inspected and passes through. 07:40 – AnabtaThere is very little traffic.  No pedestrians.  Two taxis arewaiting for passengers.  One of the taxi drivers tells us that on the day of the riots in Hebron, settlers stoned the taxi's windows while he was driving, with passengers.  Later another driver came and told us that a lot of cars were attacked on the same day.  We took the testimonies from the taxi driver who complained to "Yesh Din". 08:30 – Beit IbaHere, too, because of the holiday, there are not many people or vehicles.  Those that arrive can enter Nablus with almost no inspection.  Everybody knows about the changes that are about to take place here.  The drivers tell us that everyone can enter Nablus, but they can't go out by way of Beit Iba.  Whoever wants to go out and has no permit has to leave by way of Bidan, to the north of Nablus.  Interesting.  One can enter, but not exit.  Reasonable.