Reihan, Shaked, Wed 17.12.08, Morning

Nava R.

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

09:00-10:00 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Very few people went through. There were no problems. All those who had crossed held passage permits.

10:10 -11:00 - Rihan -Barta'a checkpoint 

Only a few cross. Average passage time at the terminal is 1-2 minutes to the maximum of 5-10 minutes.

Four pickup trucks, partially loaded, went inside for inspection and came out after an hour.

An acquaintance told me that yesterday, Tuesday, a young female cancer patient had gone through with a mask covering her face, on her way to receive chemotherapy treatment in Israel. Her family requested that she'd be allowed to cross in a vehicle, but checkpoint managers refused and that sick woman had to walk  through the terminal.

At the Rihan and Shaked checkpoint very few go through the gatesinfo-icon. only those holding passage permits. The rest simply don't bother to arrive at the gate. Israel had won in that sector.