'Anabta, Thu 27.11.08, Afternoon

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Aliya Sh., Etika D. (reporting)

Translation: Galia S.

When we get to Ramin junction, at the exit from Beit Lid, we can't believe our eyes: the line of cars from Anabta checkpoint has stretched as far as the junction. One hundred and fifty cars, according to our count!!! We zigzag and pass the cars in order to get to the checkpoint and see what is going on, which is a fairly difficult mission, considering the fact that the dozens of drivers, who have probably been standing here for over an hour, see us pushing ahead and get angry.
When we get there, we see that at the exit from Tulkarm it looks the same. One soldier stands and checks the pedestrians who get out of the cars, taxis and buses because it goes faster this way. Another soldier stands idle with a pointed gun. We ask what happened and why the line is so long but, of course, we get no answer and are just asked to leave the checkpoint area. We comply. The soldier signals to the cars and starts checking the drivers' ID cards rapidly.


We call Tami C. and ask her to inform the DCO [District Coordination Office of the IDF Civil Administration that handles passage permits]. Their answer is that the situation is known and, also, that the area is on alert.


Two jeeps of the Israeli police arrive as we talk. We get the feeling that they have come to see what they can do about the problem, and we hear one of the policemen scolding the soldiers, explaining how far the vehicle line goes.

 The checks continue and people swarm over the road trying to get to the pedestrians' checks. 

The scene around here is chaotic – jams, shouts and hoots. Many cars turn back.


17:00 – we thread our way through the cars and leave.