Beit Iba, Tue 2.12.08, Morning

Ruthi K., Moriah P. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

6:40  Eliyahu gate –
about 30 people waiting in the cage.  We didn’t stop.

Azzun – no roadblock. 

7:20  Beit Iba – No
line at the entry or the exit.  Few people leaving Nablus.

No inspection entering Nablus. 
About one minute per vehicle on the way out.  Two lanes open, about
4 vehicles on line.  A few kilometers past Beit Iba there’s roadwork,
and everyone is detoured to an alternate (and winding) road.

8:20  Anabta – 6 cars
at the entry to Israel and two at the entry to Tulkarm.  The inspection
takes two minutes, and one minute, respectively.

One soldier serves as an example
of indifference and unconcern, and the line he inspects gets longer. 
The length of the inspection doesn’t change, but the gap grows between
the time that one vehicle leaves the checkpoint and the next is called. 
And if a vehicle should move forward without being told to do so, another
delay, involving “educating” the driver and practice (backing up,
waiting, and then forward again at the wave of a hand).  There
must, after all, be order.

8:45  When we left the
checkpoint there were 9 vehicles at the entry to Israel and 18 at the
entry to Tulkarm.

9:10  The soldiers won’t
open the gate for us to go to Jubara and Ar Ras

After a discussion with the DCO representative the gate was opened in
a few minutes and we entered.

9:20  Ar Ras – no lines. 
4 vehicles coming from Tulkarm.

When we visited Shwakiya, who
lives above the Jubara checkpoint, she told us that yesterday her daughter
didn’t feel well.  They tried to go through the gate, but for
three hours the soldiers didn’t open it for them, even though they
saw them, and despite the daughter’s condition.  She finally
took her daughter another way, in a taxi.  At the time of our visit
the daughter was hospitalized.  We gave her Miki Fisher’s phone

Here’s what was written on
a sign hanging from the gate:

“Thank you, Machsom Watch,
for helping our struggle succeed.

Terror movement activists” 

Could Women in Blue and White
be the ones signing their posters “Terror movement”?  I also
think they’re pretty big terrorists…

10:15  Qalqilya – No
line at the exit; a short line at the entry, but it is cleared immediately.