'Anabta, 'Azzun, Sun 30.11.08, Morning

Naomi K., Sarah B-S, Orna P. Translator : Orna B.

08:30 Anabta
Traffic jams in both directions. In the past year we had not encountered such thorough inspections of those going to Anabta.
We asked for the reason for the inspections and the long queues.
The Checkpoint Commander approached us and said that these were
inexperienced new reserve soldiers. According to him because of the
congestion he summoned more soldiers. According to him they must
inspect both those who enter and those who leave. We told him that we
had never encountered an inspection for those who leave, and that
generally in the other checkpoints we visited traffic was flowing. We
sat by the side of the checkpoint to see what happened. This apparently
helped - Lieutenant T from the  DCO has been summoned and he soon
And indeed - within 1/4 hour traffic started flowing.
10:00 Azzun
Tammi C. called and asked us to go through Azzun because she has had complaints from the residents of the blocked village.
saw no blockade. We talked to a greengrocer by the junction. According
to him on Friday the Army had created a blockade which started at 07:00
and ended at 15:00. It was not clear why it started nor why it was
He said that about 50 soldiers had walked around the village. We
were surprised by the large number of soldiers but the greengrocer said
that relatively 50 was not a lot.
Today the Palestinian Police is in control here. During our visit we noticed several of their vehicles.