Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Wed 19.11.08, Morning

Rachel M., Ora A. (reporting). Yoseph M. (driving and assisting)
06:45 AM, Bethlehem Checkpoint: surprise. This time a nice surprise: when we arrived many people stood outside who already passed the checkpost and were waiting for transportation and others came towards us in a fast and unending flow and told us happily that ‘today is a good day’.Inside there were 5 manned posts and even though in all of them handprints were examined, there were no long lines and the passage was speedy. At 07:15 the lines were finished! There were no more people wanting to pass.Last week at that same time there were enormous lines and pushing and ado at the entrance to Bethlehem, and practically no people reached the windows coming out of Jerusalem. Last week at the same time there were enormous lines and crush and ado at the entrance to Bethlehem, and practically no people came to the windows at the  exit from Jerusalem. Today the people were not held up for any length  of time at the entrance and let them pass rapidly to the exit. What caused this blessed change? Will it continue? Can we ascribe it to our influence?

07:30 AM, Al Nashshash:  l
ively movement of vehicles. The driver of a transit vehicle asks for our help.

07:50 AM, Etzion DCL:  n
ot many people waiting compared to last week. It becomes clear that a village where a curfew is in force today is allowed to approach the DCL Etzion. They could not get there before and thus there was no large public to wait and they gave numbers to practically everyone waiting outside (some 80 persons). A man approached us whose ID was taken from him at ‘Rachel passage’. When he requested it be returned to him he was sent to Etzion and at Etzion it was not found and he was referred again to ‘Rachel passage’. We tried to help him to find his ID. Another person asked our help for a problem with the police. He tried to speak to the policeman at the DCL. He had been at the DCL 5 times and still did not manage to get in. We called the  policeman and got no answer. The soldier at the window told us that the policeman is now on his way and will arrive at the DCL in another two hours. The man said that from his experience he will be told in another two hours that the policeman will not come and that he should return again tomorrow. We directed him to Chaya who maybe can complain to the superior of the policeman and help the man to solve his problem.

08:45 AM, Nabi Yunis: a
n older man asked for help in solving a problem that we are unable to help him with. We advised him to consult a lawyer.