Beit Iba, Mon 24.11.08, Afternoon

Elisheva A. and Yonah A. Ziona S. (reporting); Natanya translating.

15.30 A resident of Jerusalem says that this is the first time that he has gone into Nablus with a group of traders turns to us and asks to explain to him what security reason is there for dividing Palestinians from Palestinians and we say that we ask the same question.

Few cars or pedestrians. I have not been here for three months but the picture of young people coming out with their belts in their hands and untied shoelaces has not changed and it seems will not change in the coming years.

At least there is no one in the enclosure and we do not see those trying to slip there being hunted.
At the pink house (Shvut Rachel) and around it no movement. It seems that everyone has gone to the house of strife in Hebron.

Qalqiliya, 16.00 A small line of 5-6 cars at the entrance. No delays.