'Azzun 'Atma, Mon 17.11.08, Morning

Osnat R., Roni Sh. (reporter) Translator: Orna B.
Azun Atme 17.11.08 am

05:50 Elijah Passage
Two cars at the entrance
to Israel. Few workers are passing through in straight order supervised
by a supervisor appointed by the Palestinians. We see other workmen
coming toward the checkpoint.
The entrance to Azun is open. We drove through the villages Kafr
Thulat, Siniriya and Beit Amin, the streets of which were still empty
of people. In Kafr Thulat a wide street had been constructed, with
pavements and landscaping American style, and in an outrageous
conrast a little further on - a huge rubbish dump, smouldering.
06:14 Azun Atme
This is the gate from the village into the territories of the Palestinian Authority.
6 vehicles are waiting at the enrance and 6 at the exit. Quick passage of cars from alternating sides.
Very few people are waiting to leave the village , they arrive and go through very quickly.
At the entrance about 30 working are crowding in front of the
carousels which are not working. Apparently there is a technical
problem, and a few minutes later the commander moves the Palestinians
through the gate. The queue forms and everything is done quietly
without shouting or rebuking.
The entering cars took 15 minutes to go through.
06:40 The technical problem at the carousels was
repaired and the people are moved again to go through the carousels.
Again the commander does is without shouting or pressure. We counted 20
minutes of waiting at the entrance queue, ie although it takes less
than a minute for a person to go through , when there are a lot of
people one waits a long time. We were told that yesterday (Sunday)
there had been very long queues and they waited a very long time. They
asked us to come more often.
07:10 The teachers are beginning to arrive, going through without the magnometer but according to the list which the soldiers have.
07:20 We leave tha checkpoint. On the way we see  a lot of teachers and pupils.
07:50 We travel through Azun and carry on towards Beit Iba.